Economical Truth, A Little Something Sexy In Between

Review in Issue 12-1 | Spring 2000

This is a few short paragraphs about a performance that felt like a very long sentence. Economical Truth's A Little Something Sexy In Between at the Oval House was marketed as a dramatic exploration of flirting. So far so good. We have all experienced that frisson of excitement that comes when a stranger smiles and quickly averts their eyes, and that moment of exquisite dramatic tension that can follow such an encounter. And the process of flirting can be quite complex, often carrying with it a need to be found attractive or to be liked or accepted, or even an acknowledgement of our own existence.

Flirting, and the sexual attraction which prompts it, has the ability to turn us from mature adults into blushing teenagers, and make us do the most ridiculous things. Quite a powerful thing then, this flirting lark! Nobody would think so after seeing this company in action. They manage to make flirting seem as exhilarating as an evening spent in the company of Norma Major. The production's only saving grace is Bartek Kubiak's stylish back-projected animation. I urge Bartek to drop this company as soon as possible and to get into making music videos or advertising – trust me, there's no future here.

This really was one of the most pretentious and tedious evenings I have ever spent in the theatre. It takes a great deal of arrogance to stretch such little material so far. If no one else got screwed that night, then the audience certainly did.

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  1. Jan 2000

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