Fecund Theatre, 27: A Personal Retrospective

Review in Issue 9-3 | Autumn 1997

Whether you've grown up between 1968 and 1996 or not, 27 will remind you of certain universal experiences; like the first time you fell in love, the first time you encountered death, the terminal boredom of rainy Sunday afternoons. This show explores what it's been like to be young over the last thirty years, and how the social/political climate has affected us personally. 27 is a response to personal experiences and memories of the time.

In their own words Fecund 'create performance work through an intensive and idiosyncratic working methodology’. Their work is alive and momentary with its own momentum and potential. It lives and breathes beyond theatrical limits. They explore contemporary issues using varied stimuli to arouse the senses, for instance: live music, music soundtracks, recorded and live video, dance, narration, naturalistic theatre, and physical theatre.

It is not however a mishmash of techniques. Each stimuli is used in the context and with relevance to the moment. Using these mediums, Fecund experience and express themselves purely. They do not hide behind curtains to change their clothes, they do not aim to manipulate the audience with subtext or symbolism, and this allows the audience space to have their own individual, honest response.

Fecund means fertile, responsive, capable of instinctive growth, dynamically intelligent. I could add a million other adjectives: sexy, exciting, challenging, stimulating. Go and see.

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  1. Aug 1997

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