Inbal Pinto Dance Company, Boobies

Review in Issue 15-4 | Winter 2003

Structurally "Boobies' is classical ballet, but spoken in a physical language of angular and convulsive movements, suggesting an instinctive involuntary behaviour in its surreal "prehistoric characters.

The stage resembles a ruddy, rocky desert providing a fantastical world for Pinto's creations to ferret about in. The desert is lit by a low moon which surprises us when it first swallows both principals and corps. This is a performance that is light in form but dark in content, reflecting the paradoxical nature of our existence as thinking animals.

The principal characters are a mixture of a cold Elizabethan female, a fat skinny man' (with an air of the great Leonard Rossiter about him) and a green, goateed fish. This obscure trio, often mounted on a trolley, present small vignettes of subtle conflict and simple love, eliciting titters of appreciation from the audience.

These scenes are interspersed with the sprite-like behaviour of the corps, recalling scuttling insects and darting birds, creating a shifting pattem of status and social order. This mêlée evokes our darker imaginings and has a flavour of the Jabberwocky. With a wide array of gaudy costumes, and occasional prosthetics, in a murky palette of colours, the visual is certainly fore-grounded in this perfor mance and it is an accessible and thoroughly enjoyable evening of dance.

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  1. Oct 2003

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