Insomniac Productions, The Mobius Room

Review in Issue 5-3 | Autumn 1993

Twins Gavin and Pricilla, living ten years in the future in their Ladbroke Grove house, ‘play out’ fragments of their disturbed childhood, telling and retelling each other the events that led up to their father's suicide and their consequent self imprisonment in their home. As they recount, Gavin and Pricilla are in turn intense, emotional, childish and mad, but they are definitely not daft. They might eat cat food and taunt each other infuriatingly, but always with a calculated orchestration. It is because they manipulate their situation with such intelligence that The Mobius Room never slips into ridiculous psychotic mesh. Rather we are led through this black comedy, with insight and clarity that enables us to enjoy the humour without ever losing touch with the true uncomfortable reality of the performance.

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  1. Jun 1993

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Issue 5-3
p. 14