New Shakespeare Company, The Taming of the Shrew

Review in Issue 5-3 | Autumn 1993

This production is a marvellous example of applying traditional performing and circus skills within the structure of a written play. The play itself, being a performance by travelling tragedians, takes place within the long lost play Love’s Labour’s Won and works exceedingly well because of it. Enacted with white faces and Commedia characters, The Shrew grabs and holds the audience with the immediacy all comedies should. It never takes itself too seriously, therefore allowing a wonderful ensemble presentation to blossom before the guffawing capacity audience.

If any characters stood out from the group, it would have to be Clive Carter's flamboyant Tranio and Guy Burgess' ubiquitous Biondello. A feat in itself with so many skills on show, accompanied by one of the most colourful, imaginative and historically accurate set and costume designs for Commedia I have seen in a long time. Hearty congratulations must go to Toby Robertson for directing, and the whole cast for sustaining, the break-neck pace of the play within the play.

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  1. Jun 1993

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Issue 5-3
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