People in Pieces, 15 Storms in a Teacup

Review in Issue 20-4 | Winter 2008

Led into the dark, given protective goggles, and seated around a square of trestles, the audience for 15 Storms had already begun to feel the tingle of anticipation. What would happen to us? This time, perhaps refreshingly, it was not to be an evening of confrontation, high drama, or complex ‘issues’. Simplicity reigned as the gentle, home-made performance was laid out before us, a kitchen chemistry set put to earnest use by a group of young experimentalists. In a performance so minute, small details are paramount, and I would have liked to see more attention paid to some technical aspects: costume, vocal work, co-ordination within the ensemble. But as we watched the company’s collection of little miracles – frost forming, a tornado in a plastic box – accompanied by sparse, reflective text, I was reminded of the value of calm, space and possibility. This piece, brief, torch-lit and quiet, gave me as much food for thought as many more developed, more complex and ‘accomplished’ works have done. Arnolfini associate artists People in Pieces will do well to hang on to this bravely simple approach, a strong core around which to develop their ideas and visions.

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  1. Jun 2008

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Issue 20-4
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