Praxis Theatre Company, Dot

Review in Issue 6-3 | Autumn 1994

Dot… Enter a world of humorous melancholy surrealism… a world revolving around ‘The three Ms… the three what?… Murder Marriage and Magic…’ A delicious concoction of themes from which Praxis fed us with two very different yet ironically similar worlds of characters: Dot, an abstract renaissance woman suppressed by a violent husband and restrictive religious institutions (Sharon Kennet), and Marge, a present day bored and ignored housewife living in London (Carol Anne Murphy).

Through the use of a beautifully crafted integration of filmic and cabaret devices, we learnt how the power of ‘magic’ enabled the women to build up the strength needed in order for them to break out of their oppressive situations and explore new worlds where anything could be possible.

Despite the occasional overindulgence on the visual effects which served to weaken the pace of the piece, Dot was an incredibly provocative production which raised important issues surrounding identity, faith and destiny. These issues were explored and realised through a uniquely synthesised form of theatre which in an equal way considered the elements of text, visuals and performance.

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  1. Mar 1994

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