Trestle Theatre Company, State of Bewilderment

Review in Issue 5-1 | Spring 1993

It has to be said that when Trestle decide to do something, they do it. The dramatisation of what amounts to a collection of cartoons, by the Australian Michael Leunig, is no simple matter. The cartoons are absurd, whilst simultaneously being so truthful that they affect us all. This, of course, is Trestle territory, too. A perfect match!

With superb staging, created by Mark Wilsher, a lesser company would be swamped by the set alone. Yet the company of eight performers here manage not only to stay above it, but use it extraordinarily well, using every inch of the stage. State of Bewilderment now tours Australia, where our anonymous hero continues his search for the big IT of life and will surely make his audiences marvel with delight and sadness as he does so.

From the issue 5-1 collection of reviews, written by Jackie Adkins, Sarah Dawson, Desmond Jones, Jonathan Megaw, Shani Solomons, Brendan Stapleton and Paul Vates.

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Issue 5-1
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