Unclassified Mime, Of Mime and Men

Review in Issue 7-3 | Autumn 1995

Unclassified Mime provided a high energy performance with a fusion of styles designed and structured to inform and entertain. Of Mime and Men, followed the Mime Registration Act, legislation to abolish all mimes and clowns in the world. The fun was set in a parallel universe that was obviously a twisted parody of our own social and political environment. Very familiar elements of everyday life were ironically satirised.

It was this train of thought, so evident in the direction, that resulted in slick routines that hid a very clever and subtle statement. This show had elements of street theatre anarchy and the execution was manic without losing the ability to awe and captivate the audience. A very entertaining show.

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  1. Jul 1995

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Issue 7-3
p. 23