Unreasonable Adults, The Last to See Them Alive: Sex, Slaughter and the City

Review in Issue 19-3 | Autumn 2007

A kiss from a beautiful female, an innocent female, a singing deranged female, an anonymous female. A man – an infamous man. With a name. A double life. A murder, a murder we do not see, a murder to pour over in lurid detail. A panel. A panel of evidence.

In this provocative and stirring 60 minutes the Australian collective Unreasonable Adults spin a complex tale – meshed of desire, torment, voyeurism and violence. A tale that happens some parts in front of you, some parts inside of you, but always an uncomfortable knife-edge kind of tale. Unreasonable Adults lay bare our representations of sexual acts upon women – violent and tender, forced and consensual, maybe even bribed or programmed. It is never clear upon what ground we stand. Men are singled out in the audience – to be desired, teased, danced with, touched, feared, seduced and rejected. Our desires are toyed with – taken to the point where we can see the moment in which we can only try and control the biology of this desire. Unreasonable Adults give us a postmodern passion of the contradictions and complexities of our social, cultural and sexual landscapes, providing us with an emotional and piercing glimpse into our society’s view of the female victim. A beautifully discomforting and manipulative piece of work.

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  1. Apr 2007

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Issue 19-3
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