Volcano, How to Live

Review in Issue 8-1 | Spring 1996

In How To Live, Volcano, under the direction of Nigel Charnock, offered an amazing insight into the work of Ibsen. By utilising the rhythm, form and method in Ibsen's work and combining it with their inimitable physical performance style they created a powerful and compelling piece. Thus the text in the Ibsen style is fast and furious. Situations were set up to create an environment in which the characters act out their programmed roles in a manic fashion. Fuses are lit between the characters, buttons are pushed and the fun starts. The performers talk about themselves and reveal their wants and erratic needs.

There were strong performances from Fern Smith, Paul Davis, Jane Armfield and Richard Ryder. How To Live is an eccentric work which gives the audience a strong sense of depth.

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  1. Oct 1995

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