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A photo taken during a live high-street performance of Frock, an outdoor dance work by Stopgap Dance Company. A crowd of audience watches as a suited dancer stands on the spinning wheel of another dancer’s wheelchair as they lay sideways on the floor. Other suited dances duet and a tall male dancer with short black hair stands beside and wears a pink top and floral skirt.

Growing Together

August 2nd, 2022 by

When outdoor arts, disability arts and inclusive practice come together: Lily Norton explores how Stopgap Dance Company, Greenwich+Docklands Festival, and the Without Walls consortium are working to bridge the gaps Two o’clock in the afternoon on Woolwich High Street, South-east London.  A pulsing drumbeat blares from speakers, driving forward the footsteps of Saturday shoppers. The […]

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Read My Lips

August 1st, 2022 by

From Ru Paul’s Drag Race to Sadler’s Wells main stage, Dickie Beau to Thick&Tight, Lane Paul Stewart reflects on the use of lip syncing and pre-recorded voice in contemporary theatre and performance – citing his own and other artists’ experiences.  ‘It’s time for you to lip sync for your life!’ These words have become quotable […]

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Reclaiming the Mainstream

July 12th, 2022 by

Daryl Beeton is a Disabled director and performer who has worked extensively within the theatre, disability and young people’s arts sector for the last 25 years. At the core of his work is the belief that arts can enrich our lives and those of the communities we inhabit.  I’ve been Disabled since birth. I spent […]

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These Things Are Important

June 16th, 2022 by

Post-pandemic and looking back: performance artist and sound-maker FK Alexander reflects on what matters most in her work Five years ago, I spent a week – awake and asleep – in one small exhibition space, in a gallery in Glasgow. I titled the performance-installation: I CANNOT COPE WITH THE FUTURE. The seven-day thing wasn’t particularly […]

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A man wearing a grey tshirt is on the floor in front of a wheelchair. A woman in a red jacket sits on a chair and hugs a leather bag into her chest. They are both looking at each other.

Access All Areas

June 9th, 2022 by

Circus-theatre artist Ruby Burgess shares some thoughts on the topic of access in performance I want to start off with a disclaimer, because I am not an expert on accessibility in performance work. There are some actual experts who you can hire for their help and consultation. This piece is just intended to provoke some […]

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