Congratulations Mime Action Group

Feature in Issue 6-3 | Autumn 1994

‘Congratulations to the Mime Action Group on the occasion of your 10th Birthday. I hope you can go to even greater achievements during your second decade.’ – Peter Brooke, Former Secretary of State for National Heritage, Department of National Heritage

‘If I'd really kept up my mime classes with Wayne Pritchett, I wouldn't have to write this message. Happy 10th Birthday, MAG. More entertainers should be seen and not heard!’ – Peter Charlton, Producer Children's Programmes, BBC TV

‘Congratulations to MAG on their 10th Birthday. Keep up the good work! Best wishes.’ – Kenny Everett

‘Dear MAG and all those associated. Congratulations on achieving 10 years in service to those of us who can't afford to buy props. Long may you serve. Yours, Derek Griffiths.’

‘Congratulations on your tenth anniversary. We wish you continued success for your work in this very important and special field of theatre. With best wishes, Joseph Seelig / Helen Lannaghan, Directors London International Mime Festival.’

‘I send my warmest congratulations to the Mime Action Group on its 10th birthday. Your work in promoting mime and physical theatre has changed the nature of performance in this country, and had repercussions throughout the arts world. We have all benefited enormously from it.’ – Marjorie Mowlam MP, Shadow Heritage Secretary

‘It's a great comfort and inspiration, in these days of cutbacks and foldups, to note that MAG has not only survived for ten years, but continues to grow and spread its influence. The Scottish Mime Forum is now two and a half years old. Let us hope that we, and all other offspring, can continue to follow MAG's example. Many congratulations to all the stalwarts who have given their time and support for the last ten years! With very best wishes, Pat Keysell, Scottish Mime Forum.’

‘Congratulations to Mime Action Group. Not only have you survived ten hard years, you've helped transform the mime scene. Well done!’ – Kenneth Rea,The Guardian, The Times

‘Congratulations on the tenth anniversary of Mime Action Group. Whenever the word mime is mentioned one instinctively thinks of Marcel Marceau and his wonderful portrayals of man walking uphill and man walking against a strong wind. However, if you happen to be on a steep hill in a gale you will see countless Marcel Marceaus, my point being that mime is working without props. I am heart warmed by the knowledge that there are many theatrical groups similar to yourselves. I applaud your determination and hope that you continue to prosper. Sincerely, Eric Sykes.’

‘Happy Birthday. MAG has been enormously supportive in the various enterprises I have been involved with and its a remarkable clearing house for information and ideas – let's hope we're still going in another 10 years.’ – John Wright

‘Congratulations on ten years of Mime Action Group! I once tried to describe how I made my living as a mime to a high powered IBM Executive. I remember his eyes glazing over and the drink in his hand shaking as he backed away from me, perhaps thinking that the sheer insecurity of the job and its seeming randomness might be catching. It reminded me of the reactions I get from Jehovah's Witnesses, and their like, when I mention that satanic word ‘theatre’. They too back away, eyes darting frantically in their glassy, smiling faces, bibles slamming like doors in the wind. To sell mime could be like trying to sell some infectious disease! But this is slowly changing as the definition of mime broadens and concepts of mime creep into every aspect of theatre. The name of the game is survival. Mime has survived. MAG is about to step into its second decade... So here is to survival and hopefully a little more. Best wishes, Nola Rae.’

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Issue 6-3
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