Feature in Issue 6-1 | Spring 1994

Imagine 200 humans, decked out in blue tracksuits, marching on the spot in a secluded area of London Docklands at 7.30am in the morning.

A strange religious cult? A group of masochistic keep-fit fanatics? Neither. They were in fact actors being filmed from a bird’s eye view for an innovative new advert.

Is the making of adverts considered ‘selling out’ for the physical actor or is there a real new area of opportunity here? Not only is advertising lucrative but it is also an extremely creative area, demanding specialised teams and ‘ideas-people’.

Whatever the morals regarding the money spent on advertising it would appear that here is a form which seems to marry marketing and artistry perfectly.

Read this issue's feature on ‘What's Commercial?’ and we guarantee you will be asking yourself some very interesting questions.

There's quite a ‘bumper pack’ in this edition, featuring a tribute to Jean-Louis Barrault (who died earlier this year) from David Glass, our ‘MAG pin map’ on North America and of course all the regulars.

Finally, MAG is 10 years old this year. There will be a 10th Anniversary Reception at the Northern International Mime Festival on Friday 29 April and (funds forthcoming) we're planning a European Mime and Physical Theatre Workshop Symposium for Manchester in September.

See you at the celebrations!

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Issue 6-1
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