Bouge-de-là, Time Flying

Review in Issue 9-4 | Winter 1997

Between life, death and rebirth is a space (real or imagined), where life's fears, fantasies and failures are revisited. Time Flying starts and ends with the last moments in the life of a lonely crooner: a gentle giant whose cumbersome body contains a fluttering soul which flies through time and space.

Bouge-de-là are known for their innovative approach to design, which is integral to the content of the performance. This is demonstrated wonderfully in the central image of the giant cabaret singer who hides a secret within. The heart which beats behind his metal ribs contains a trio of beings that make up the whole. These three replay scenarios from his life in which they wait, flirt, dance and desire. They are caught in limbo, in a place where they are locked together in interchanging roles and relationships, one suspects for eternity. Life and death become one long happy hour in which cocktails are sipped to a soundtrack of 'Girl Talk' and 'Cha Cha Cha D'Amour'.

Designers and performers Lucy O'Rorke and Aurelian Koch are joined in this production by dancer Paula Jane Harradine, whose movement adds another dimension to the piece. Time Flying is a stylish synthesis of dramatic exposition, design and movement. Catch Bouge-de-là as they tour this spring.

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  1. Oct 1997

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