Circus Baobab, The Jumping Drums

Review in Issue 15-2 | Summer 2003

Circus Baobab began their second production The Jumping Drums with great dancing drum choreography and singing. The set enhanced the atmosphere with African reds, yellows and browns, and subtle lighting. The performers become a village house with the heavily accented narration in English: ‘Despite our differences we live together.’ Next was a split focus on stage, with Siamese static trapeze doubles and corde lisse. High energy and big grins hid the occasionally insecure aerial technique.

So we go from the village to the town where the King of Thieves is busy stealing the Minister of False Problems’ bag full of useless business papers. A chase ensues through the audience, and ends up on the flying trapeze rig. The pot-bellied self-proclaimed police officer hovers underneath whilst his deputies attempt to catch the thieves who fly through the air. One fell on to the crash mats and the police officer comically ‘missed’ catching him as he escaped back up to the rig. The officer picks his nose and ears and the two deputies wipe his fingers for him. It is a nice sequence, although a little rough and ready. A poor juggling sequence is followed by an aerial pole double act that again does not look 100% safe or sure.

The grand finale was full of high energy tumbling, three high balances, pyramids, dive rolls, much foot stomping, dancing and clapping. It must be noted that the four women performers had gold molar teeth that added even more sparkle when they beamed! Overall this was a high energy piece of circus theatre with a great atmosphere – a memorable show for a packed audience at the QEH.

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  1. Apr 2003

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