The Circus Project, A Circus Showcase

Review in Issue 18-3 | Autumn 2006

The Circus Project is a Brighton and Hove community circus and theatre organisation committed to providing opportunities for emerging circus artists. This showcase kicks off what is planned to be regular circus cabaret in the city. The evening saw eight circus artists try out new material and ideas, a cornucopia of different styles and skills. On red silks Janine Fletcher and Hazel Maddocks presented Little Red Dress, atmospherically evolving moment by moment like uncertain newborn beings, seeking support, safety, strength. This was followed by Yogo Muller giving us a highly manic and enthusiastic crazed clown on a trapeze routine. Hazel returned with A Pensive Moment of Time in Space, an engaging monologue of thoughts performed mid-air under a mane of hair. Janine then gave us a wonderful and extraordinary solo piece presented adjacent to and on a rope, in character as a prissy librarian-type lady, Edith Entwistle, perpetually on the verge of giving us her rendition of The Smiths' Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want! Newcomer Lindsay MacKinnon performed a solo static trapeze act, a beautifully languid Medusa, sliding serpent-like from one position to the next. Tamsin Shasha, inspired by Euripedes' Bacchae, entered like a cocky bloke to Iggy Pop's Lust for Life. Using a rope, her text-based Bacchic is a contemporary exploration of themes revolving around our fascination with heroes. Abby Evans gave us a dynamic and physically well-articulated circeaux (aerial hoop) piece, Down to Earth. Of all these diverse acts, I particularly enjoyed Angie the Disco Queen of Hula! I love a good hula-hoop routine, and this delighted me: completely gorgeous and joyfully dextrous, set to Blame it on the Boogie. An adventurous evening of new acts, and a good start for the Circus Project Cabaret.

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  1. May 2006

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