The Desperate Men, The Pack, Kwabana Lindsay

Review in Issue 6-3 | Autumn 1994

What used to be a railway station is now a modern bar, restaurant and performance space and was recently one of the free venues in the Bath Fringe Festival.

The evening’s entertainment began with The Pack – or, rather, two of the five: absolute masters of the art of juggling and panache. The simple formula was to juggle with amazing dexterity as a solo then as a duo, all the while increasing the number of balls and clubs. Well deserved applause echoed around the Station.

‘Art’ took over as Kwabana Lindsay arrived, heavily masked and costumed, to perform Metamorphosis and proceeded to show his skills of music, stilts and tightrope walking. The audience eventually received entertainment from the man – mainly because he somewhat awkwardly dropped his ‘style’ and simply bantered with us through his act. His finale, on the tightrope playing the violin, was beautifully executed.

The whole event was rounded off by The Desperate Men – three men and two women who performed The Fountain. This is a sixty-minute play set in an absurd land, full of absurd characters, the lead being a dead-ringer for Buster Keaton. Mime, street and superb musical ensemble skills were brought to the fore so much so that, excepting a few moments of lost focus, The Fountain excited and surprised everyone – even down to the sad ending! The very appreciative audience smiled as they left, all buzzing with happiness.


Circus Cabaret, Green Park Station

Date Seen
  1. May 1994

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Issue 6-3
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