Fevered Sleep, And the Rain Falls Down

Review in Issue 19-1 | Spring 2007

Performance intended for very young children has to negotiate a tricky path between being patronising on the one hand and offering an experience more for the benefit of the performers on the other. Happily, And the Rain Falls Down by Fevered Sleep (directed by David Harradine) fell into neither trap, the show being in equal measures enchanting and imaginative, truly engaging its young (and, in the case of the reviewer, considerably older) audience. Performers Laura Cubitt and Carl Patrick found a genuine sense of playfulness as they indulged themselves in the various pleasures that water can bring, as well as expressing the sadness when it trickles away. They emerged, hands raised with palms up checking for rain. A drip from above quickly turned into a torrent which the actors allowed to play on various parts of their bodies. The second scene saw Cubitt and Patrick coax a gushing spring from a plughole in the floor, much as one might encourage a dog from its kennel. Then, in the third section, the entire stage was flooded with rain from above, allowing the performers to skip, play and dance, Gene Kelly-like, with umbrellas. At this point, several small umbrellas descend and are handed out to the children in the audience who are then encouraged to join the actors in getting thoroughly wet. The end of the piece was then neatly signified by the construction, using colourful golf umbrellas, of a rainbow. Truly wonderful.

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  1. Nov 2006

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