Forced Entertainment, Quizoola

Review in Issue 12-4 | Winter 2000

Why are two people sitting on chairs in the middle of a circle of light bulbs? How long did it take Tim Etchells to write two thousand questions? Is he a lapsed Roman Catholic with an obsession with the notion of the Confession Box?

How long will this audience sit listening to people telling tall tales and truthful fantasies? Is there any difference between acting and being? When is a performer telling the truth? What is truth anyway? Is being natural the greatest of all pretences? Who in the audience isn't mentally answering each question as it comes up? How can we listen to someone explaining how to improve the efficiency of the Nazi death camps without flinching? Is this a valid question? Is there any such thing as an invalid question? Is questioning a valid thing to do? Why are the two women on stage a thousand times more interesting than the man and the woman together? Are women more truthful with each other? Who said women can't clown? Why is that man picking at the threads of his jeans? Is he playing at being nervous or is he acting as someone nervous in order to hide his nervousness? Or is he just nervous? Why is he trying so hard to be a clown? Why doesn't he wipe the smile off his face? Why doesn't she wipe the smile off his face?

What do they do if they want to go to the toilet? Who will be left when the six hours is up? Are they trying for the Guinness Book Of Records? Whatever happened to Ross McWhirter anyway? Is this the end?

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  1. Nov 2000

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