Kicking the Moon, 2 for Tea - 1 for me

Review in Issue 14-2 | Summer 2002

Kicking the Moon are Magali Bancel, Ashley Carr and Max Haverkamp, three recent graduates of the first ever BA (Hons) degree course in Circus, who developed this show with the help of a circus award from the Jerwood Foundation. An international company (French, English and German), they performed primarily with out words.

Two simple but intriguing stories are interwoven: a lonely woman with umbrellas, a violin and a miniature tea set; and two men with a penchant for juggling and making tea with a fantastic Heath Robinson-type contraption.

When the woman leaves home and goes off travelling, you sense that she will end up at the house of the two men – and sure enough, after a series of adventures, she does. Much mismatched humour ensues, until a genuinely affecting ending.

At times, the pace of the show felt just a little too gentle and the material overstretched, but the three talented and sympathetic performers were always a pleasure to watch and performed some impressive juggling and tumbling with ease and assurance. They also had the benefit of the accompaniment of a fantastic sound/music design by Jean-Laurent Cayzac. Kicking the Moon are certainly a company to look out for in the future.

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  1. Mar 2002

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