Les Arts Sauts, Kayassine

Review in Issue 14-3 | Autumn 2002

As you squeeze through the billowing inflatable doors, you enter the vast and dark dome-shaped tent, subtly lit by what appears to only be the exit lights. As the evening was particularly humid I was glad to be seated in a relaxing deck chair, complete with headrest, looking up into a starlit ceiling reminiscent of the London Planetarium.

The opening sequence was acutely timed in soft slow balletic movements on static trapeze, by two white chiffon costumed women. Accompanying them were the sounds of the live musicians, one suspended from the ceiling with his double bass, while the cellists, harp player and two singers on the ground stood on extensive metal RSJ's. Craning their necks, the singers appeared to be serenading, chanting and possibly even worshipping the aerialists, as indeed they provoked the image of angels hovering above them. Harnessed by rather more warrior-like men, they glided on ropes gracefully through the air, creating a hypnotic beginning.

A narrative began to build, creating strong filmic images with transition from one section to the next flowing effortlessly. However, after rather a long and dramatic set change, where the huge joists lifted from the ground, taking with them the musicians and performers high towards the ceiling, the narrative seemed to disappear into a frantic series of swinging trapeze and aerial stunts, incorporating the impressive cast of thirteen. Humorous undertones throughout kept the audience entertained. The endearing daredevils were technically perfect, creating a visually exciting show of mass appeal, to be enjoyed by all.

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Victoria Park

Date Seen
  1. Jul 2002

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Issue 14-3
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