Les Bubb, Make Your Brains Go Pop

Review in Issue 12-1 | Spring 2000

Currently starring on BBC's Hubbub, now in its fourth series, Les Bubb, mime and clown, performed his solo show Make Your Brains Go Pop to a full audience at the Pleasance. Mime walls, an immovable suitcase, an invisible piano, an attempt to move heavy balloons – sound familiar? Les Bubb begins this high energy spectacle with classic but exceptionally well-executed routines. Surely this is exactly what mime is. However, Bubb goes even further than excellent technique, he uses sound effects, imagination and an energetic pace to tell little stories that illustrate humanity's everyday hopes and fears.

Then there is an interval. A television and video are wheeled on and, just like in your own lounge, there are commercials. However, these are adverts that have featured Bubb, from Germany, Holland, the UK and other countries, that have utilised his physical skills and talents on TV. The second half begins with Bubb getting ready for a hot date, who unfortunately phones to say she isn't coming. So, early to bed and then begins a great sequence of a what could have been dream turning into a nightmare. The pace picks up even more when Bubb finishes by mutating his face with his amazing elastic bands, and then doing his chicken impression with a rubber glove over his head which then explodes. He uses both real and mime props to great effect – look out for the flying pens!

Make Your Brains Go Pop contains high levels of illusionary mime technique together with imaginative, pacey, physical clowning.

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  1. Jan 2000

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