Les Cousins

Review in Issue 9-1 | Spring 1997

Les Cousins are a trio from France who perform an array of physical skills and circus techniques cemented together with large dollops of slapstick clowning. There were some interesting surprises with the juggling routines. From a chair on a table, two of the group bounced five balls each in synchronicity. This led to Julo (Laurent Serre) holding on to Lolo’s (Philippe Etienne) braces. Lolo was suspended at an outrageous angle, bouncing five balls on the table. When Julo let go of the braces, Lolo remained at the same impossible angle, still juggling!

Bicycle horns tooted a classical ballet melody which developed into a dance to the full orchestral version. All three danced comically before Lolo executed an impressive ballet routine on points. Rene (Christophe Philippe), in a large dress, joined him on a unicycle for a comic duet. The skills and techniques employed were both of a high level and numerous. Sometimes play with objects and situations could have been explored further. If the group had relied more on gestures, the long winded passages in poor English would have been less tedious. However, this was an impressive show and full of fun. Although it sometimes felt a little on the rough and ready side.

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  1. Jan 1997

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