Oddbodies, Sykes and Nancy

Review in Issue 6-4 | Winter 1994

Paul Morel and Tanya-Scott-Wilson, under the direction of John Mowat, gave clever and humorous performances in a selection of three pieces taken from two of the better known stories of Charles Dickens, The Life and Times of Nicholas Nickleby and Oliver Twist.

John Mowat expressed his interpretation and understanding of Dickens by dispensing with the financial constraints of costumes and scenography and utilised the variety of skills at his disposal to give the audience an insight into these works.

For a period of sixteen years Charles Dickens had himself performed extracts from his books using heightened characterisations, visual and vocal effects. Mowat gave each piece life via content that relayed relevant social comment with a contemporary feel and black humour.

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  1. Oct 1994

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Issue 6-4
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