Postscript, Coming To

Review in Issue 12-3 | Autumn 2000

Coming To is a performance brimming with ideas. Its narrative explores the experiences of two friends who awake at the same time with different accounts of the previous evening. Its themes are the notion of memory written on the body, of reality versus recorded reality, and of fluidity versus frozen time.

To explore these themes, the two-woman company use a range of theatrical devices – dialogue, monologue, movement – integrated with a visual text using pre-made film and on-stage Polaroid photography. There was a lot I liked about this production, particularly the visual aspects. There were many stunning moments – often based around the two lines used to peg up clothes – and photos and the film work. One film section played with the deconstruction and reconstruction of the human body, using Polaroid portraits of different body parts. Another zoomed in on the minor scars and bruises that tell their own story of life's events. A section of poetic monologue twinned with close-up images of a woman in a bath celebrated the alchemical powers of water to wash away our sins.

What didn't work for me were the girly chats that seemed stilted, and a pointless bit of postmodern play-acting, with the introduction of a humorous outside character, a lady psychiatrist, whose lecture on somnambulism was an unnecessary distraction. At one hour ten minutes the piece was too long, and it felt as if it might be better placed in a space other than a proscenium theatre – I felt that I would have liked to walk around. There was enough material here for two or three productions. With careful editing and selection, Coming To will realise its potential to be a challenging and innovatory new performance piece that crosses the divide between live art and theatre.

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  1. Jul 2000

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