Ra-Ra Zoo, Cabinet of Curiosities

Review in Issue 6-1 | Spring 1994

Ra-Ra Zoo displayed fine theatrical skill in presenting Cabinet of Curiosities at Battersea Arts Centre. The mood was created straight-away with a stage full of musical instruments and objects utilising all levels of the space – thus the ‘curiosity’ presented itself.

Chris Creswell was the first to create the human element and with smooth rhythm and pace he took the audience with him and the rest of the ‘cabinet’ then came to life. It was no surprise to see that his mastery of percussion was similar to his improvised performing wit.

Roy Hutchins' direction mastered the art of integrating music, acrobatics, acting comedy with theatrical anarchy, all on top of an organised mess. Jeremy Robbins and Lyndsey Butcher correlated the gymnastics with sheer brilliance although sometimes the movement quality could have been extended for stylistic clarity. Nigel Warwick's musical ability and characterisation made up a formidable quartet.

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  1. Jan 1994

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