Red Shift Theatre Company, George Dandin

Review in Issue 7-2 | Summer 1995

Molière’s farce George Dandin, in this new version by Ranjit Bolt, was extended from 50 to 90 minutes of plot and pace. All the characters schemed, cheated and lusted themselves silly in a classic tale of how a man, Dandin, after discovering his wife was having an affair, set about to prove it. What Molière adds are the spices of class, money and a far greater wife than husband. For, no matter how Dandin (a Geordie, Malcolm Ridley) tried to prove the affair to her father the Baron (a doddery Jeff Bellamy), his wife Angelique (a Blackadder Queenie-style Sally Giles) was always one step ahead. She philandered with Clitandre (a wimpy Gareth Tyrrell) and was aided by her maid Claudine (a Hylda Baker-ish Stephanie Woodcraft). The whole was helped along by Lubin – a stupid messenger of classic proportions, smoothly played by Simon Hunt. Lubin’s escapades with ladders, walls and doors certainly provided relief from Dandin’s moaning.

This excellent production, directed by Jonathan Holloway and assisted by Toby Sedgewick, still, though only 90 minutes in length, managed to feel like 30 minutes too long. The London sponsor is Eurostar.

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  1. Apr 1995

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