The Right Size, Do You Come Here Often?

Review in Issue 9-1 | Spring 1997

What is funny about being locked in a bathroom? This is the simple premise of Do You Come Here Often? the latest offering from comic geniuses Sean Foley and Hamish McColl, aka The Right Size. The bathroom setting is merely a platform from which Foley and McColl launch a panoply of comic turns and absurdities. These switch from Music Hall style song and dance numbers to ludicrous episodes of comic play (the bee and flower routine was my favourite). The Right Size are highly skilled comic performers; McColl and Foley are each the perfect foil for the other. The show is not so much a narrative as an exercise in delightfully lunatic lateral thinking. Their bizarre pear-shaped view of the world creates connections between seemingly unrelated events or thought-processes. The joy for the audience is of travelling into an unknown world and waving goodbye to reason for an hour.

At this early stage in the tour, the material did at times appear shaky and there were moments when both performers wavered before setting off on the next of many new tacks. But with time it will become tighter and the company promise to have a major success on their hands at this year's Edinburgh Fringe – where it looks like the spotlight will be turned onto physical comedy companies as potential successors to the stand-up comics who have been dominating the circuit for the last decade.

They may be more Morecambe & Wise than Reeves & Mortimer, but The Right Size are a worthy addition to the good clean English comic tradition.

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  1. Feb 1997

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