The Two Wrongies, Cabinet of Curiosities & Intimate Encounters

Review in Issue 20-3 | Autumn 2008

The Two Wrongies are the wild and wilful Janine Fletcher and Avis Cockbull, aka The Perverted Turkeys (seen with La Clique and Voodoo Vaudeville). Set as an onstage/offstage cabaret, the spot-on dance routines and cleverly choreographed performance vignettes are interspersed with 'offstage' costume changes and rude chat. As the fluorescent legwarmers and nipple-tassels come and go, we gape at vividly vulgar exchanges on topics ranging from anal hair shaving to what a girl would do if she had her own cock for a day! The Two Wrongies voice the things we think about yet wouldn't want to say. They break with etiquette, but get away with it.

I loved the playfulness, yet wasn't too clear on occasions on the demarcation of the onstage/backstage territory, which seemed a little vague at times. The Two Wrongies made me feel wrong – and I enjoyed that feeling! Rude comedy that made me titter.

In contrast, Intimate Encounters explores loving intimacy in a performative setting, using respectful familiarity. Following a shoulder massage and a little chat to ease me into relaxation, a white blindfold is slipped over my eyes, and I'm led away into tender abandonment. On three occasions my blindfold dissolves away from my face: in a womb-like tent a man lies down beside me on satin pillows and sings me a lullaby, then I'm re-blindfolded and led away to two more encounters. In one, a woman is waiting to tell me a secret, and in the last I meet a man who says he's been waiting for me, and 'now everything will be different'. Then the blindfold descends again. There are whisperings and little kisses about my neck. I feel cared for and treasured. Without everyday sight the body takes over with a new sensory vision, a trusting. This is like a wonderful dream, being carried by a cloud of angels. I left feeling nourished and uplifted.

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  1. May 2008

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