Aug 2019
The old ones go first. Disappeared at night by policemen with jaguars. They’re found in the drained aquarium, lying very still. In his follow up to the hugely acclaimed La Merde (reviewed 2012), Italian...

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May 2019
  Lisa Wolfe and her trusty sidekick Peter Chrisp have been to see Spymonkey’s Cooped. Lots of times. So how has it fared, twenty years on? This year Spymonkey celebrated their 20th anniversary with...

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Oct 2018
I was shocked recently to learn that dock leaves offer no scientifically proven relief to nettle stings. What I had taken as a given all my life was not ancient folkloric wisdom but yet...

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Aug 2018
Lisa Wolfe goes to Milton Keynes’ International Festival and samples a smorgasbord of theatrical delights from around the world Arriving in Milton Keynes under a burning July sky, it feels like a town that’s...

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Jun 2018
Naming your company something so un-searchable (believe me, I Googled) is a serious mark of intent, and beneath the grand Guignol make-up and extravagant costumes, Daniel Hay-Gordon (Thick) and Eleanor Perry (Tight) are creating...

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