Jun 2013
‘Could this piece be performed by anyone else?’ asks someone at the post-show discussion that follows the presentation of Ruff, the latest solo performance by the legendary Peggy Shaw, co-written and directed by her Split Britches partner,...

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Mar 2013
A weekend at ‘the nation’s capital of seaside entertainment’ by Lisa Wolfe (writer) and Peter Chrisp (photographer/researcher) Friday 15 February 2013 Vic Godard and the Subway Sect’s lyrics accompany our journey North from one...

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Feb 2013
‘At the beginning we didn’t have a map, or even a destination’ say Ockham’s Razor in the programme notes for their latest full-length show Not Until We Are Lost, which opened the London International...

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Jan 2013
In New York City the New Year ushers in a wave of imaginative, thought-provoking and adventurous theatre in the form of Coil Winter Festival. Curated by one of the leading lights of the total...

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Dec 2012
I was never able to decide what I wanted to do more, music or theatre. I had been playing an instrument since I was about 9 years old, and I had played in the...

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