Alicia Rios, La Feria de los Cinco Sentidos

Review in Issue 9-3 | Autumn 1997

Before the performance began each person was given a map of the installation and a recticulum, a Roman doggy bag. There were a dozen or so sections exercising each of the senses in slightly different methods or combinations. One favourite was 'Drizzling at Sevillian Gardens', where a corridor was transformed into a series of arches fabricated from roses, with scented water sprays to squirt as much or as little as you wished.

‘Flavoury Fountains' were made from spring onions and leeks flowing down onto a large mirrored surface surrounded by a colourful assortment of fruit and veg. The centre piece was the Tasting Palettes, a series of tables laden with goodies to eat, grouped with titles such as 'Hard and Crunchy' and 'Soft and Rubbery'. One could eat them or put them in the recticulum for later. One of the ushers told me they had to stop people from doing their fruit and veg shopping, as on that night alone 350 people were expected. My favourite was ‘Tinkling Pastoral', two girls dressed as shepherdesses with hundreds of toy sheep. It was a very strong image and the only section with 'performers'.

The spaces used did not create environments that were conducive to the touchy-feely atmosphere. It was disjointed with no flow to the experience and could have been a journey perhaps with guides. One wonders why this was in a theatre festival, as there was no performance as such. However, it did engage all the senses and was different and fun.

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  1. Jun 1997

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