The Freds, Avatar

Review in Issue 17-3 | Autumn 2005

Nightingale Theatre is a perfect space for a focus on the small-scale visual theatre/dance show. Here was a double bill of two very different pieces. The Freds created a movement-based duet show I couldn't take my eyes away from. Bizarre, cartoon aliens; lost beings bound together in a world of their own making, which both we and they attempt to fathom. One character looks like a tomato ketchup splodge with a face in the middle, the other has pipecleaner-possibility arms. Waiting for messages, attending to the moment, receiving impulses from the other and from selected audience members... Moving surprisingly and superbly, they are not afraid of stillness, and their oddities are not overplayed. Although they look humorous this is not, as you might expect, a humorous show, it's a riveting and brave show, no props, no sets, just themselves and their side-by-side harmony, with an excellent soundscape to boot. Avatar is a unique improvisational performance between a dancer, a light animator and a sound designer. Rajyashree Ramamurthi dances with perfect grace, prompting the question what is it that we see when we are watching dance? An essence? A life-source flowing? The only light source is the animator, from which lines are traced and laced, streaming whitewashing over her form, from which she moves, leaving a fading residue behind of where she has been with a fade so slow you don't notice it gone. How fleeting is a moment – present and gone. A residue, imprinted, fades to memory, and the dance moves on. A performance of unified beauty.

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  1. May 2005

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