Heather Rutland / Leiken Loppu, Silent Red / Before Nine

Review in Issue 9-3 | Autumn 1997

The first half of this show, Silent Red, was a sombre dance which contained haunting images of separation and involvement. Two female dancers cut across the stage. Slats of white light gave a ghostly feel and the French vocalist on the backing track was hypnotic. Beginning slowly with the dancers apart from each other, the piece sped up and the dancers moved into closer proximity, pushing each other through the space. There was a feeling of magnetism between the two performers which was invigorating to watch and the precision and focus of their bodies added to the dynamic. I enjoyed this performance and liked the style and atmospheric qualities.

Before Nine couldn't have been more different. It was humorous and tongue-in-cheek. Dressed in a blue satin dress, Elizabeth Besbrode shuddered and shook, her eyes darted in all directions as she flexed her limbs. She prepared breakfast, placing cups, a toaster and toast, plates and finally two saucers on top of a rusty box. Proudly, she hoisted herself onto it. Standing astride the breakfast ware she preened and pouted as she prepared herself for the arrival of the breakfast guest. Jason Hird, dressed in a jacket and tie and no trousers appeared from behind the box like a mad jester. Both dancers played and toyed with each other. The comedy was nicely played. Surprise, slapstick, quirky and surreal elements all blended to create a truly theatrical performance.

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  1. Jul 1997

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