The Plunge Club in association with Dance Umbrella, Say a Little Prayer

Review in Issue 8-4 | Winter 1996

Rene Eyre collaborated with photographer Chris Nash to present a mixed-media, interactive installation and dance performance as part of this year's Dance Umbrella. The piece was rich in imaginative imagery. A giant bed dominated the stage. Two huge illustrated books stood either side and dancer Rene Eyre, dressed in a flowing white night gown, conjured memories of a previous age. The studio theatre of Islington's Union Chapel provided an inspiring setting for this trawl through the family stories of three generations of women whose lives form a cycle of abuse, betrayal and madness. The dance was performed to a wonderful score by Barry Andrews. Rene Eyre writhed amidst crisp white bed linen, pulled horsehair from inside a giant mattress and moved sporadically and sometimes manically through the space. The movement was interspersed with video projections in which the dancer's childhood memories were recorded. In the second part Just a Song at Twilight, time reversed to the end of the last Century as the relationship between a mother (played with energetic authority by Bo Chapman) and her child was explored. There were moments of tenderness as well as of horror as the mother prepared for her own suicide. Unfortunately, however, despite the appropriateness of the Victorian Gothic setting, the sightlines in the venue were poor and thus the full visual impact of the piece was never fully realised.

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  1. Oct 1996

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