Tetsuro Fukuhara, Afinity - Space Dance

Review in Issue 7-2 | Summer 1995

Tetsuro Fukuhara performed his latest piece Affinity – Space Dane with Britain-based dancers Mareja Palser and Eva Maria Mutka. With the simplest staging and a collage of sounds and music, Fukuhara drew us into his journey through sheer concentration and physical accomplishment. His performance was of a powerful delicacy. Hardly showing any energy being expended, he served to accent the fundamental strength necessary in Butoh. He created space in front of us, manipulating the atmosphere with minute alterations in stance and focus. Instead of battling with the logical side of wanting to ‘understand’ everything, I became entranced by the detail and process involved. The slow calculated drive retained a sense of incisiveness, giving time for the audience to become fully involved. The two female performers were by no means overshadowed by the presence of Fukuhara on stage, their conviction throughout was involving and effective. An inspiring and remarkable performance.

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  1. Feb 1995

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Issue 7-2
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