Tim Etchells, Starfucker, Down Time & Readings

Review in Issue 13-4 | Winter 2001

‘Tom Cruise on an operating table. Susan Sarandon’s head in a bucket. Arnold Schwarzenegger in a room that is slowly filling up with human shit.’

Starfucker is a litany of prayers and profanities, a recited list poem that slots into an honourable tradition – poets from Andrew Marvell to John Giorno having used this winning technique. The names of Hollywood stars are ‘stolen, used and abused’ to create a mesmerising piece of performance poetry that uses all the traditional tricks of prosody – repetition, rhythm and resonance – to give a seductive frame to the sacrilege.

Down Time is that rare thing: an interesting and innovative use of video footage with interactive live performance. A Cine Verité style fixed camera records every frown and flicker of thought of a few minutes in Tim Etchells’ life. The real live Etchells recounts the thoughts and memories that he remembers occurring whilst the filming took place. It is thus a multi-layered reflection on the processes of thought and experience, a metaphysical piece of art that deals with the essence of human existence – human consciousness and its inevitable relationship to memory and self-awareness.

The readings were from the recently published Dream Dictionary for the Modern Dreamer (Etchells’ entertaining exploration of modern myth and archetype) – chosen by opening the book at random. There were also two stories from Endland which I found less interesting – the stories have a fin-de-siècle feel that seems already dated. Short fiction seems to me to be the least successful outlet for Tim Etchells’ extraordinary writing talent and artistic vision – but as he is so good at everything else he touches, this hardly seems to matter.

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