Torsion Theatre Company, Sawn-off Shakespeare

Review in Issue 8-2 | Summer 1996

In their own distinctive style, Torsion Theatre Company incorporated clowning, acrobatics and mime with contemporary language and classic text. The three plays chosen for adaptation were Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and Macbeth. Within the ensemble each actor contributed his or her own blend of humour or pathos. With Romeo on a skateboard and Juliet in bunches, the classic love story was expressed through slapstick and clowning which synchronised well with the contemporary language. Torsion's interpretation of Hamletplayed on innuendo and the macabre with the actors all dressed in morning suits. Macbeth on the other hand was full of buffoonery and high spirited play, with larger than life body pieces. The characters maintained a grotesque sense of delight and used a white board with paint to notch points against each other. The timing of all three pieces was precise and well choreographed and the direct interaction with the audience was reciprocated appreciatively.

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  1. Mar 1996

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Issue 8-2
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