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Feature in Issue 7-2 | Summer 1995

Finding the funding maze hard to fathom? Trying to come to terms with criteria, assessments, guidelines, funding bodies, restructuring and how to find your way through them? The following articles should help and hopefully make things a little clearer!

Mark Cunnington interviews Nigel Charnock and Tim Etchells in ‘The Freedom to Work’, and shares some of their thoughts on the British funding system. Can it embrace truly innovative work or is it in the nature of the beast to always be one step behind? And Europe? Take a look at Clare Lovett’s article ‘Which Way Now? Signposts Through Europe’s Funding Spaghetti Junction’. Alright it may be a long title and use words like ‘transitional’ and ‘synergy’, but it’s interesting! As she explains, European cash is there for the taking – once you have completed the Euro-forms, Euro-hurdles, Euro-hoops, Euro-snakes’n’ladders, Euro-policies, etc. Be prepared for Chenine Bathena’s Uncovered?!@*! It’s not theory, it’s not interviews, it’s solid facts. A guide to help you make the right contacts and find your way through project funding, plus a handy cutout-and-keep-list of contact officers in the Regional Arts Boards and Arts Councils.

All spiced up with a light-hearted look at the serious business of lobbying for the Arts by your very own intrepid reporter! A feature you can’t afford to miss!

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Issue 7-2
p. 9