Hoxton Bark Cabaret

Review in Issue 14-2 | Summer 2002

Once a month, Hoxton Hall is transformed (literally, with the liberal use of tables, chairs, drapes and decorations) into what it used to be – a variety and music hall. The highly original evenings known as the Hoxton Bark consist of what could be termed 'new cabaret' – entertaining and slightly edgy.

After a Victorian-themed launch in March (hosted hilariously by Miss Ida Barrably assisted by the Strangelings), the second Hoxton Bark took place in April. This time there was an American saloon bar feel to the proceedings, and an outrageous host in the form of the Dolly Partonesque Tammy Whynot (played by Lois Weaver) – again playing off the Strangelings.

After Danny Schlesinger's madly energetic paper-sculpting routine, the evening took a culinary direction. There was the Half Naked Chef (the lovechild of Delia Smith and Sir Les Patterson?) and Cristy Gilbert cooking with items of food she had hidden all over her costume, including some very surprising places

We also got culinary hints from Tammy Whynot herself (she claimed that a genuine US dish is Jello Salad...) – before the climax of the evening: Rachel Dwyer's fan dance, followed by the traditional laying of the egg...

If I had any complaints about the Hoxton Bark, it would be that some of the performers relied a little too much on karaoke-esque versions of well-known songs, with new words. Aside from that, if this is new cabaret, I'm convinced. Oh – and the best place to sit is around the tables downstairs – next to the bar.

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  1. Apr 2002

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