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Oct 2012
2012 saw the loss of two greats of the last two decades of British dance – Gill Clarke and Nigel Charnock, both radically different from each other, but each carving distinctive careers as performers...

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Aug 2012
Opening during the Olympic Games, Home:scape, a collaboration between the Czech-based ensemble Teatr Novogo Fronta and one of the UK’s most quietly adventurous venues, appears to counter that global festival of homogenising cultural activity (sport)...

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Jan 2012
In this, their fourth visit to London International Mime Festival in their twenty-year history, Gandini Juggling present their most theatrical work to date. This represents the culmination of a continual investigation of the relationship...

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Nov 2011
It is rare to see a work that has an audience rushing for the exit in the first curtain call, a veritable snub, in full and uncontested view, to the artists, but3Abschied (3Farewells) appears to...

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Jul 2011
Mapping Wonderland sits interestingly somewhere between a historical walking tour and a site-responsive performance, feeling at home amongst Oxford’s tourist trade whilst retaining a frisson of adventure. Beginning in Radcliffe Square and taking in the...

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