Angels of Disorder, Electroshockbladeboy

Review in Issue 7-4 | Winter 1995

Electroshockbladeboy descends balletically on a rope from the heavens, naked and as unformed as a babe. Like a frenetic Buster Keaton, the company’s founder, aerial artiste Jean-Paul Zaccarini, mimes and dances his voyage of discovery in a world of narrow choices and constricting questionnaires. Frustrated at every turn and left rapping his alienation with the tops of his boxer shorts showing, it seems he can never grow beyond rebellious adolescence. He dreams of climbing back up the umbilicus to a glittery Pierre et Gilles heaven to find happiness, but is rewarded on earth with ECT.

This is a very personal polemic, performed with considerable physical skill and emotional conviction and with great aesthetic appeal. But by concentrating, in indulgent teenaged language, upon a conspiracy theory vision of a world of ‘Narcotic-Psychiatric-Control’, we lose sight of the real lives of society's outsiders that the production claims to represent.

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  1. Sep 1995

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Issue 7-4
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