CPT, Three Women

Review in Issue 8-3 | Autumn 1996

Three Women was adapted from the poetry of Sylvia Plath and performed by Joceline Powter.

Plath's words flowed out of Joceline's mouth as if they were her own. Lyrical, perfectly constructed images of birth, death and womanhood were conveyed sensitively. On the floor lay a white half mask within a circle of white cloth. To the right was a blue mask and the left a red mask. The backdrop was a simple white sheet. Going from the floor to the masks Joceline explored three stages of pregnancy and symbolically used props to enhance her movement. The sound effects of a crying baby and a typewriter added to the atmosphere. It was a strong performance that went through a range of emotions with ease and simplicity. Directed by Sheridan Bramwell, the choreography was seamless and physically organic.

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  1. Jul 1996

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