Idolrich Theatre, The Model

Review in Issue 17-1 | Spring 2005

Like a six-foot tall version of a classic wooden artist's model, a beautifully jointed puppet is brought to life as a fashion model. The joints offer complete articulation, and the eyes, which you might expect to be blank, have an eerie shine. With messages about food, glamour and self-image, this is a busy and at times overly full show. The Model includes video projections that highlight aspects and themes of the live action, yet many screened images (such as a man juggling) left me puzzled as to the context.

In my favourite section, simple yet wonderfully synchronised, the model moves and poses in the light of the flashgun as she is shot by the camera, freezing for poised moments, luxuriating in the attention. The end has a glorious serenity, where the puppet/model gently pushes her two puppeteers to the floor in a final act of liberation and solitude.

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  1. Oct 2004

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Issue 17-1
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