Louder Than Words Productions, The Counting of Years

Review in Issue 7-2 | Summer 1995

Louder Than Words' new production, directed by Ruth Ben-Tovim with text by Pete Brooks, The Counting of Years received good reviews by the press. The performances were excellent. The set, scaffolding modelled in the form of a sleazy downtown hotel, was faultless and the lighting and music were put to good effect. It was Critic’s Choice for two weeks running in the London listing magazine Time Out. For me, The Counting of Years was trying to say that you didn't have to keep making the same mistakes, you could change or alter the future by standing up for yourself. The performance relied on a murder story that took place in a hotel. It was re-enacted several times and with each repeat, events and outcomes altered in some way.

It's a performance for those with an interest in the mechanics of theatre. The whole piece was a process, working out ideas and improvising around scenes. If this is an area of theatre you find enlightening, then it is worth seeing.

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  1. Apr 1995

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