Sasha Waltz / Schaubühne am Leniner Platz, Körper

Review in Issue 15-3 | Autumn 2003

Körper (Bodies) is an exploration of the corporeal: dancers’ heights and weights are displayed; semi-naked bodies push themselves against a window in gravity-defying positions in a scene which was reminiscent of a Jenny Saville photograph. They tell stories about their bodies whilst gesturing to other parts of their body. They pick each other up by their loose skin, and explore the body’s many aspects, facets and functions. There are moments of danger, fun, intimacy, and solitude.

The performers were a fearless bunch, but without bravado. They were highly disciplined and skilled, never out of control. There was an amazing moment of theatricality when the set, a solid monolith which spanned from floor to grid, fell the full length of the stage as a dancer slowly walked out of its shadow. The thud and the rush of air were exhilarating. In some hands this could be a cheap trick, but here it was a breathtaking moment of scenographic beauty.

Körper was choreographer/director Sasha Waltz’s debut production at the Schaubühne, and was a brave statement of intent. It was one of the best pieces of theatre I’ve seen in a while, even if it did run out of steam towards the end. Lets hope she returns soon with further parts of her body trilogy.

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  1. Jun 2003

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