Sleeping Dogs, Migrant Overtures

Review in Issue 17-1 | Spring 2005

I am led through the dressing room, past a woman transfixed by her mirror image, brushing her long hair. I want to brush her hair too. In the next room, a child sleeps in a bed, I don't want to disturb his slumber. Through the next door, I'm into the theatre space where a man helps me to my seat. I don't know what is going to happen next – every moment is a surprise. Real and immediate, the performers do not seem to act, every moment seems a surprise to them too in this non-narrative exploration of the theme of 'home'. The very air in the space becomes animated as solitary journeys are made, places of rest sought – with serendipitous moments of sublime unity. A woman spills her bag of pebbles; a child takes a lantern to the window, wistfully peering out, out into the night air; a man calls 'show me the way to go home'. With questions of what 'home' means to me, I returned home with this piece of theatre very much alive inside of me.

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  1. Oct 2004

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Issue 17-1
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