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Vision On – LIMF 2022 Round-Up

February 23rd, 2022 by

 A clown locked down in a beautiful Mexican house, Pinocchio swallowed by a whale, battling Action Man dolls, and a live magic lantern show about space and time… Dorothy Max Prior encounters a visual feast at LIMF 2022  The London International Mime Festival, which runs annually through January into early February, is a highlight of […]

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Almost There

January 18th, 2021 by

Celebrating the launch of his newly commissioned short film for London International Mime Festival 2021, Dorothy Max Prior meets performer, choreographer and theatre director Andrew Dawson, an artist whose eclectic career has taken him across the world – and even to the moon and back ‘Our human essence lies not in arrival but in being […]

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Long Live LIMF!

January 14th, 2021 by

It’s January, and we know what that means – the London International Mime Festival is back with another wonderful array of ‘image-rich performance for an adventurous and curious audience’. Dorothy Max Prior reflects on the 2021 programme London International Mime Festival is the longest established international theatre festival in the country. Founder and co-director Joseph […]

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Compagnie 111 - What’s Become of You - Photo - Aglaé

Compagnie 111: What’s Become of You? (Questcequetudeviens?)

February 7th, 2014 by

What’s Become of You? is the seventh of Compagnie 111’s works to be presented at LIMF, and is, as artistic director Aurelian Bory notes, something of a departure from his usual work. Bory describes this as a portrait of flamenco dancer Stéphanie Fuster, and herein lies the key difference between C111’s usual work and this […]

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Man Drake-Anatomia Publica Photo-Axel Perez

Man Drake: Anatomica Publica

February 4th, 2014 by

This taut trio from Catalan company Man Drake is tightly wound around the central physical motif of the staccato repetition of simple human action. A woman sits reading, her gaze gliding back and forth across the pages of a newspaper. A man stands, his head turning back and forth, his shoulders briefly engaging in the […]

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