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Derevo: Harlekin ¦ Photo: D Hartwig

Derevo: Harlekin

January 16th, 2013 by

Unlike most Derevo shows, Harlekin is not a large ensemble work, but it still has the chaotically creative inventiveness we have come to expect from the company, as well as the stunning visual imagery and blood-pumping soundscore composed by long-time collaborator Daniel Williams. Anton Adasinsky’s Harlekin is more of a Petrushka type character, forever beguiled […]

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My!Laika: Popcorn Machine ¦ Image: MONA

My!Laika: Popcorn Machine

January 12th, 2013 by

  A popcorn machine, indeed – the popped corn littering the stage, the smell of burnt oil and singed corn filling the room. Not only, but also: a wonky honky-tonk piano, whirring fan wobbling atop, dry ice puffing out from below; a trunk-load of dismembered mannequins, hands and feet and heads juggled and rolled; a […]

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